Looking for a sporting weekend?

Come to the Maison Saint Nicolas, 1 hour from Paris, with your family or friends, to discover the region by bike while contemplating sublime landscapes.

All in the saddle! The greenway is suitable for the whole family! The Maison Saint Nicolas will provide you with all the necessary comforts after a day of cycling in the middle of the Normandy countryside.

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The installation of La Maison Saint Nicolas

The Maison Saint Nicolas has the label
“Accueil Vélo” label
which assures you that you are less than 5 kilometers from a cycling route. But it also promises a welcome and services adapted to the needs of a cycling holiday.

You don’t have a bike or don’t want to carry it? Upon your arrival, Givernon rental station will deliver your bikes directly to the Maison Saint Nicolas. Classic or electric bikes, Givernon rental station is a reference in bike rental.

The Catenai – Mountain bike loop

21.7km / 6h / Start : Pressagny – L’orgueilleux.
On this trail you will cross forest, Seine, fields, hamlets, streams and many other landscapes…

Four à Chaux Trail : 6.5km
2h / Departure : Lyons-La-Foret. In the heart of the village and its forest, discover one of the most beautiful villages of France with its halls and half-timbered houses of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The greenway is also a very good way to travel by bike

Find all the information on our article : The green way, a moment of escape in Normandy

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Enjoy nature and fresh air without pollution on the banks of the Seine or surrounded by greenery. To escape from Paris, take a break at the Maison Saint Nicolas and go for a ride on the greenways, to Le Havre for example.

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The benefits of sport and nature

In addition to the fact that you can recharge your batteries and meet up with family or friends in the Maison Saint Nicolas gîte, close to the capital, nature and sport can give you a feeling of well-being.

Cycling is a great way to get some fresh air away from the daily routine. Travel more kilometers than by foot and visit more places, listen to the birds, look at the fields, the flowers, the animals… Live at your own pace!


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You don’t have to go on very difficult walks or walks that take several hours, just as long as it takes to feel good. Moreover, cycling is recommended to fight against stress and is beneficial to the various muscles of the body. So don’t hesitate!

Enjoy your day cycling in the company of the Normandy landscapes and then come and enjoy a moment of relaxation and sweetness in the Maison Saint Nicolas. … and … will welcome you warmly and will entrust you their lodging the time of your stay.

If you prefer to go on foot, there are many beautiful walks in the area of the Maison Saint Nicolas

December tip

If you prefer to go on foot, there are many beautiful walks just a few steps from the Maison Saint Nicolas

Happy Holidays at the Maison Saint Nicolas!