This winter, Normandy is dressed in its most magical attire, with its forests and orchards decked out in the flamboyant hues of winter. Less than two hours from Paris, our group gîte, Maison Saint Nicolas, nestled in the heart of the Normandy countryside, invites you to a magical getaway.

With Youth and Sport accreditation in your pocket, discover the winter charms of our region, its outdoor activities and immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of our gîte.

Our young adventurer bravely takes to the forest paths of the Eure, near Vernon, on his draisienne, amid the magnificent autumn colors. Every falling leaf is a new discovery, every sound in the forest an adventure in itself. A moment of pure, innocent exploration for our toddler.

Jeunesse et Sport approval: Your guarantee of safety and quality

The Jeunesse et Sport approval, certifying our gîte (272621003), ensures that we meet the strictest safety and quality standards for welcoming groups of children and families. Our facilities are regularly inspected, guaranteeing a safe environment tailored to your needs. Opt for a worry-free vacation, where safety and quality are paramount.

Winter adventure in the heart of Normandy

Normandy winters seduce with their mildness and particular beauty, offering landscapes of rare elegance. Around Maison Saint Nicolas, there’s a plethora of nature-based activities on offer, whether you’re traveling with the family or a group of children.

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Winter outing ideas

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For lovers ofart and gastronomy, there are
and cooking classes are also available. Whatever your interests, our B&B offers a complete experience to stimulate your creativity and create unforgettable memories!

Cultural and sports outings in Vernon

In addition to outdoor activities, discover the cultural and sporting charms of Vernon and its winter surroundings:

  • Musée Alphonse-Georges Poulain: Explore this museum’s works of art and winter exhibits.
  • Théâtre de Vernon: Attend winter shows and performances for a cultural evening.
  • Vernon skating rink: Enjoy an icy day out with family and friends at the Vernon skating rink.
Monet's garden at Giverny is decked out in brilliant autumn hues, with gold and rust leaves dancing in the breeze. The painter's natural palette comes alive in the gentle autumn sun, creating a tableau vivant of unparalleled beauty. A magical visit for all nature and art lovers.

Ideally located, our gîte gives you easy access to the region’s natural and cultural wonders. With children’s facilities such as badminton, pétanque and board games, as well as a large, secure enclosed area, you’ll enjoy a peaceful family vacation. Whether you’re looking for school trips, discovery classes, summer camps, green classes, sports camps or family vacations, book now for an unforgettable experience during the Winter 2024 vacations.

Book your winter vacations now and experience unique moments with your family or group!

Discover the serenity of winter in Normandy at La Maison Saint Nicolas, your country retreat near Paris. Book now for an unforgettable autumn getaway. Enjoy the shimmering colors of the season, peaceful walks, and cozy evenings by the fireplace. Let yourself be enveloped by the beauty of the countryside, just a stone’s throw from the City of Light. Reserve your haven of peace today for a rejuvenating winter retreat at La Maison Saint Nicolas.