Nature and adventure lovers welcome! If you’re looking for an exceptional hiking experience, immersion in the natural beauty of the Vexin Bossu and discovery of Normandy in every season, you’ve come to the right place. We’re delighted to present the magnificent Le Vexin Bossu hike, an adventure to be enjoyed just a few steps from La Maison Saint Nicolas, nestled in the charming village of Vexin sur Epte.

An escape for Normandy hikers

Normandy, with its undulating landscape and spectacular coastline, has long been a favourite with keen hikers. The Vexin Bossu, with its trails winding through green hills, picturesque forests and crystal-clear streams, is a dream come true for hiking enthusiasts. Normandy hikers, imbued with the spirit of this region, explore these paths with palpable enthusiasm, always discovering new natural wonders.

Hiking in the heart of nature in Vexin Normand

Les Joyaux Cachés à Deux Pas du Gîte

The Vexin Bossu is a treasure within easy reach when you stay at La Maison Saint Nicolas. Starting in Vexin-sur-Epte, this breathtaking hike takes you through a breathtaking variety of landscapes. Pretty paths guide you through serene valleys, picturesque villages and green hills. The panoramas are both soothing and captivating, offering a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Image of a Vexin Normand landscape

Discover Normandy in all seasons

Normandy is a region with a thousand faces, and each season brings a new magic to discover. In spring, the meadows awaken with colorful flowers, creating a lively tableau. Summer brings an explosion of greenery, while autumn transforms the trees into a palette of rich colors.

Image of a Vexin Normand landscape
Hikers in the heart of nature in snow-covered Vexin Normand

In winter, the Vexin Normand takes on a breathtaking beauty. The villages, nestled in the valleys, are adorned with warm lights that illuminate the narrow streets and stone houses. The snow-covered forests are a magical sight. Rivers form dreamlike landscapes.

The region has a quiet, gentle atmosphere. The streets are deserted, the birds have fallen silent. Only the softly falling snowflakes disturb the silence.

The Vexin Normand is an ideal destination for winter hiking enthusiasts. The snow-covered trails offer unique sensations.

Here are a few suggestions for winter activities in Vexin Normand :

  • Hiking in the Ecos forest
  • Visit the village of Gisors, lit up for Christmas
  • Take a tourist train trip through the Epte valley
  • Enjoy mulled wine in a traditional inn
    The Vexin Normand is a region that offers a different and unique winter experience. It’s the perfect time to recharge your batteries in the heart of nature and enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside.

Advice from Gîte La Maison Saint Nicolas

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned hiker, the Vexin Bossu offers a variety of trails to suit all levels. Before you leave, make sure you have all the information you need, and prepare yourself accordingly to make the most of this adventure.

In short, Le Vexin Bossu is much more than just an outdoor activity. It’s an invitation to explore the natural beauty of Normandy, experience a deep connection with the region and savor a rewarding getaway near La Maison Saint Nicolas. Don’t miss this unique experience and discover the Vexin Bossu, a natural treasure that awaits you for an unforgettable adventure. Book now and prepare to be amazed by the timeless beauty of this enchanted region.

All you need to know about hiking gear: how to choose it, what equipment is essential?

A 7.9 km hike to discover Vexin Normand

This walking trail takes you through the varied landscapes of the Vexin Normand region, between valleys, forests, fields and picturesque villages.

Departure is from the village of Fourges. You’ll first take a path that leads to the Grimonval road. Turn right towards Civières, then right on an ascending path. After passing through the woods, you’ll reach the road. Turn left and take the path in front of the church.

Continue up to Grimonval. You’ll cross the road and continue straight ahead. The road turns left and becomes a path to follow to the next crossroads. Turn right, then 500 m further on, climb right along a wide path through the fields. Continue to the entrance to the Bois d’Ecos.

Turn left into the Bois d’Ecos and, at the crossroads, take the forest path opposite. At the road, turn left to the Pont Madame crossroads.

At the D7, turn left for a few metres, then left again on a rising path. Turn left at the fork in the plateau. You’ll reach the starting point on the left, on the tarmac.

This hike takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes. It is accessible to all levels, but a good level of fitness is recommended to fully enjoy the scenery.

Here is some additional information:

  • The markers are yellow.
  • All Vexin Normand hiking trails are on sale at tourist information offices in Vernon, Giverny, Les Andelys and Pacy-sur-Eure.

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Discover the varied landscapes of the Vexin Normand on a 7.9 km hike starting from the Gîte de la Maison Saint Nicolas.