Our large-capacity gîte offers a warm and comfortable space, specially designed to welcome people with disabilities.

Welcome to the Maison Saint Nicolas B&B, a real gem nestled next to Giverny in the Eure department. This spacious gîte offers a welcoming, comfortable space, specially designed to provide optimum accessibility for people with disabilities. With fully-adapted bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor, this gîte has “gîte adapté” approval, guaranteeing a pleasant, independent stay for all occupants.

Unforgettable vacations in the countryside: Enjoy an inclusive and accessible stay in a warm and welcoming gîte in the Eure region.

A Gîte Adapted for All

The Maison Saint Nicolas gîte is a veritable oasis for people with disabilities. Its interior and exterior layout has been carefully designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. Rooms on the first floor are fully accessible, allowing people with reduced mobility to move around easily and without hindrance. The bathroom is also fully adapted, equipped with handrails, grab bars and a walk-in shower, guaranteeing comfort and safety.

In addition to its adapted facilities, the gîte has a spacious courtyard, offering easy access to all outdoor areas. This means that people with disabilities can fully enjoy the natural environment and move around freely. This increased autonomy means that everyone can enjoy a unique and enriching experience.

This large-capacity gîte offers a warm and comfortable space, specially designed to welcome people with disabilities, including wheelchair-bound cyclists.

Discover Giverny and its Cultural Treasures

In addition to its remarkable accessibility, the Maison Saint Nicolas B&B is ideally located for exploring the cultural wonders of the region. In the immediate vicinity are Claude Monet’s famous gardens, an enchanting place that has inspired many artists. These gardens are specially adapted for people with disabilities, allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes and flowers in a peaceful atmosphere.

Monet's gardens are divided into two parts, a flower garden in front of the house, which is called the Clos Normand, and a water garden inspired
flowers spring garden

In addition to Monet’s gardens, the region is full of other cultural treasures accessible to people with disabilities. Museums and art galleries displaying works by renowned artists are within easy reach, offering an enriching cultural experience. What’s more, Giverny’s picturesque streets are ideal for pleasant strolls, allowing all visitors to take full advantage of the town’s charming atmosphere.

An Enriching Family Stay

The Maison Saint Nicolas gîte is the ideal place to spend a pleasant family holiday. Its large capacity means that all loved ones can be brought together in a comfortable environment that’s suitable for everyone. Spacious, convivial common areas are perfect for sharing and relaxing. The fully-equipped kitchen lets you prepare tasty meals for the whole family.

What’s more, the region is packed with activities to suit every member of the family. Open-air walks, guided tours and excursions are just some of the options for discovering the surrounding area and creating unforgettable memories. The Maison Saint Nicolas gîte offers a space where everyone can enjoy moments of joy, relaxation and family togetherness.

An inclusive and unforgettable family vacation: a family enjoys a stay in a gîte adapted for all.

Vacations for everyone!

The Maison Saint Nicolas gîte is much more than just a place to stay. It’s a place that offers people with disabilities the chance to enjoy unique experiences, in complete autonomy and in a safe environment. Thanks to its adapted facilities, modern equipment and ideal location close to Giverny’s cultural treasures, this gîte promises a pleasant and rewarding stay for the whole family. By encouraging people with disabilities to come and enjoy this accessible haven, we’re helping to build an inclusive society where everyone can fulfill their potential and share precious moments with their loved ones.

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Imagine relaxing in our spacious courtyard, surrounded by greenery and offering easy access to all outdoor areas. Whether you want to go for a walk, enjoy the sun or simply breathe in the fresh air, our gîte offers you this freedom.